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What philosophers and thinkers have said about Prophet Muhammad

What philosophers and thinkers have said about Prophet Muhammad

A well-known English philosopher and playwright (George Bernard Shaw)

George Bernard Shaw English philosopher and playwright [The world is in great need for a man who thinks like Muhammed, this Prophet who always respected and revered his religion.] He also said, [In the medieval ages, the clergy in the church portrayed the religion of Islam as an evil movement, either due to their ignorance or due to their prejudice. In reality, they contributed to the hatred against Muhammed and his religion. They considered Muhammed as an enemy to the Messiah. But I have studied the biography of Muhammed, and my opinion is that Muhammed is very far from being an enemy to the Messiah. In fact, some used to say that he was a saviour for mankind.] He further said, [I have read in depth about the life of the Messenger of Islam, over and over again, and I did not find in it anything but good, noble manners. How many times have I hoped that Islam would be the way of life which the whole world followed!] [The Messenger (peace be upon him) in the Eyes of Unbiased Westerners by Al-Haseeny Ma’ady]

An English Author (Thomas Carlyle)

Thomas Carlyle English author and critic [This great man, who was very merciful, kind, tender, righteous, wise, modest and forebearing, held ideas did not aim for worldly gains, and he did not wish for power or wealth. This was because he was dedicated and hard working, and did not boast about what he achieved. We have seen other people who hold high positions whose life is based on lies and who performed totally different tasks from what they first promised to do. But Muhammed was the totally opposite to this; he never lied and was one of a kind, a very rare personality] [The Messenger (peace be upon him) in Westerners’ Eyes]

An English thinker (Stanley Lane-Poole)

Stanley Lane-Poole British orientalist [Muhammed had many good qualities; he was kind, brave and had admirable manners, even to the extent that one is not able to study him without being affected by these good qualities he had, as long as this study is not affected by preconceived views or personal desires. How could this not be the case when Muhammed had lived with his family and close associates for years, all the time showing them patience and great fortitude?! As well as all this, he was so noble that, when shaking hands, he was not the first to move his hand from the other person’s grasp, even if the other person was a child! Moreover, he never passed any group of men or children without greeting them with a beautiful smile on his lips and with such a lovely tone of voice that one word was enough to charm and enthrall the heart of anyone who heard him] [Stanley Lane-Poole: Thesis on the history of the Arabs] Although there are many sayings and recorded testimonies of intellectuals across the globe about Prophet Muhammed’s illustrious qualities, there are still some slanderous statements from foolish people about the most honourable of creation (peace be upon him). Compare the intellectual and cultural levels of these two groups.