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The first pledge of 'Aqabah in 12 BH

The first pledge of Aqabah in 12 BH - withprophet

In the twelfth year of the call, only one year after the Prophet (peace be upon him) meet a group of six Al-Ansar and during the Hajj season, a delegation of Al-Ansar went to meet the Prophet (peace be upon him). They were twelve men: ten of Al-Khazraj (Asad ibn Zurarah, Auf ibn Al-Harith ibn Rafa’ah ibn Afra, Rafaa ibn Malik ibn Al-Ajlan, Qutbah ibn Amir ibn Hadeedah, Uqbah ibn Amir ibn Naaby, Muath ibn Al-Harith ibn Afra, Thakwan ibn Abdul-Qays, Ubadah ibn As-Samat, Yazeed ibn Thalabah, and Al-Abbas ibn Ubadah ibn Nadla ibn Malik ibn Ajlan), and two from Al-Aws (Abul-Haythem ibn At-Tayhan, who was called Malik, and Uwaym ibn Saadah) [The Beginning and the End by Ibn Katheer].

This delegation, who were known as Naqibs, went to the Prophet (peace be upon him) to swear allegiance with him. Ubadah ibn As-Samat (may Allah be pleased with him) told us about this.

He was one of the ones who witnessed this pledge. He said, “I was one of the Naqibs who swore allegiance to the Prophet (peace be upon him). We took a pledge not to join partners with Allah, not to commit illegal sexual intercourse, not to steal, not to kill a life which Allah has sanctified, except if there is a right to do so, not to slander chaste women and not to sin. If we keep to that, (we will have) paradise, but if we committed some of these sins, Allah (Glorified is He) will judge us” [related by Muslim].