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The role of Muslim governments in supporting Prophet Muhammad

1. Send delegations of scholars and preachers to the West to spread Islam and knowledge about the Prophet (peace be upon him), his call and his reputable manners. 2. Support events that aim to spread knowledge about the Prophet’s noble biography. 3. Publish books and posters which illustrate the ways of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his rights, addressing the wrong ideas the West have about him (peace be upon him). 4. Contribute to the establishment of satellite channels, radio stations and magazines that talk about Islam and its call in different languages. 5. Establish centres specializing in research and studies into the Prophet’s biography, translating it into different languages. 6. Establish museums and special libraries that display exhibits and books about the Prophet’s biography and his traditions. 7. Set up web-sites on the internet that specialize in the Prophet’s biography and Sunnah (collection of sayings, deeds and silent approvals of the Prophet). 8. Print and publish books, video tapes and programs which highlight the virtuous qualities of the religion, particularly in languages other than Arabic. 9. Support competitions about the Prophet’s biography.