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What clerics have said about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

What clerics have said about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

The Christian monk (Bahira)

The first words the Christian monk known as ‘Bahira’ said when he saw the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) on the Messenger of Allah’s first trip to Al-Sham with Abu Talib were, [This is the master of all humans. This is the Messenger of the Lord of the worlds. This is who Allah sent as a mercy to all the worlds] [related by An-Nishapuri in Mustradrak ala As-Sahihain]

Leader of the Christians of Najran

[By Allah, Oh Christians, I have discovered that Muhammed is a Prophet that has been sent from Allah. He came to you with a decisive word about your companion (Jesus). I have learnt that no Prophet curses a tribe but their elders and their young were destroyed. And you will be ruined if you do the same. But it is better to refuse (to partake in the invocation of a curse on those who are liars) and adhere to your religion. Hold on to what you claim about your companion (Jesus), and leave this man (Prophet Muhammed) alone and return to your country] [Prophet Muhammed’s biography by Ibn Hesham]

Ibrahim Khaleel Philobus

[Professor of Theology and former priest] [This is the truth which history has recorded: When the Eastern and Western worlds, with their fruitless philosophies, were living in intellectual darkness and partaking in corrupt forms of worship, there appeared in Mecca in the person of Muhammed, the Messenger of Allah, a shining light that lit up the world, guiding it to Islam] [Muhammed in the Torah, Bible and the Quran]

A former priest (Durany)

[It is possible for me to say, with certainty, that there is no new Muslim that is not grateful to Prophet Muhammed for the great love, help, guidance and inspiration he gave…He is the fine example that Allah sent as a mercy for us, out of His love for mankind, for us to follow]

Wilhelm Leitner

[Hungarian researcher who obtained many doctorates in Islamic Legislation, Philosophy and Theology] [But so far as I know Judaism and Christianity, the system preached by Muhammed was not merely imitative or elective; it was also inspired, if there be such a process of inspiration from the source of all goodness. Indeed I venture to state in all humility that if self-sacrifice, honesty of purpose, unswerving belief in one’s mission, a marvellous insightful into existing wrong or error and the perception and the use of the best means for its removal are among the outward and visible signs of inspiration, Muhammed was inspired] [The Religion of Islam] He also said, [The Christianity also which Muhammed desired to restore to its purity was the preaching of Christ, as distinguished on the one part from the mystic creed of St. Paul, and the outrageous errors of certain Christian sects…The idea of Muhammed not to limit the benefits of Abraham’s religion to his own people, but to extend them to the world, has thus become the means of converting to a high form of culture and of civilization millions of the human race, who would either otherwise have remained sunk in barbarism, or would not have been raised to that brotherhood which Islam not only preaches but practices] [Muhammadanism] He also said, [I cannot conclude this address better than…by expressing a hope that a day will come when Christians will honour Christ more by also honouring Muhammed…he is a better Christian who reveres the truths enunciated by Prophet Muhammed] [Muhammadanism]

Abdullah (Henry) Quilliam

[The first person who built a mosque in Britain, in 1886] [Muhammed was the greatest example of a generous nature, eminent manners, great modesty and sensitivity. He possessed an amazing level of perception, a unique intellect and noble, tender feelings. He had great manners and left a pleasant imprint on people’s hearts] [The Faith of Islam] He also said, [Some of the writers of this era have begun to realize that slander, defamations, insults and cursings are not evidence or proof about the one who is defamed. Therefore, they have acknowledged many of the admirable qualities of the Prophet and many of his excellent and honourable acts] [The Faith of Islam] He further added, […nothing guided 100 million people to Islam but the blessed works of Muhammed who taught them how to bow and prostrate to Allah (in the prayer) and left them a constitution that will never lead any body after him astray. This constitution is the Quran, which contains both good for their worldly lives and good for their next life…] [Ibid.] Abdullah (Henry) Quilliam These were excerpts from the stances and sayings of orientalists, philosophers, historians and European and Western poets who had pure intentions and did not let any personal desires or wishes come between them and the truth recorded in written texts that state that the Messenger of Islam brought a Message whose greatness and glory mankind has testified to. Therefore, Oh Muslim, be proud of your affiliation to this religion and nation of everlasting greatness, no matter how much weak personalities try to insult it. Is there a relationship between those who testified for Islam not actually entering Islam and the views of the society they live in with regards to religion and worldly affairs?