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Umair ibn Wahb Al-Jamahy plots to assinate the Prophet (peace be upon him), 2 A.H.

Umair ibn Wahb Al-Jamahy plots to assinate the Prophet (peace be upon him), 2 A.H.

When Medinah was living in joy with a legislation that spread peace in all corners of the city...a danger suddenly appeared…a danger from Mecca full of malevolence and revenge.

The one who lamented the loss at Badr, what he suffered at Uhud, and the one who laid down this secret plan to assassinate the Prophet was Wahb ibn Umair. He was very resentful and wanted to take revenge against the Prophet (peace be upon him) due to the recent events that shook the Arabian Penninsula from its eastern to western shores.

Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) told us this story, saying, “Wahb ibn Umair participated in the battle of Uhud as a disbeliever. He was injured in this battle and lay among the dead. A man from the Ansar passed him, and upon recognizing him, put his sword in Wahb’s stomach until it came out of his back. He then left him. However, Wahb reached Mecca at night-time, when the weather had turned cold, and stayed there until he recovered. Later, he and Safwan ibn Omaiyah sat together at Al-Hijr. Wahb said, ‘But for my children and the debts I owe, I would have wanted to be the one who would kill Muhammed.’ Therefore, Safwan asked him, ‘How would you kill him?’ He replied, ‘I am a good horseman. I will keep looking for him until I catch him. Then, I will hit him with my sword, and after that leave on my horse, and no one will be able to catch me.’ Safwan told him, ‘Your children will be with my children, and I will pay your debt.’ Therefore, Wahb went to sharpen his sword and put lethal poison on it, and then left for Medinah with the sole aim of killing P” [Al-Majam Al-Kabeer by At-Tabarany].

When he reached the door of the Prophet’s mosque and made his camel kneel there, Omar ibn Al-Khattab saw him. Consequently, he told the Prophet he had seen Wahb ibn Umair who had come carrying a sword. The Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered Omar to bring him, so he brought him. When the Prophet saw Wahb ibn Umair, Omar was holding him by the sling of the sword he was carrying around his neck.

The Prophet (peace be upon him)  said, <‘Let him go, Omar. Come closer Umair.’ Therefore, Umair went closer and said, ‘Good morning.’ To this, the Prophet (peace be upon him) replied, ‘Allah has honoured us with a greeting which is better than your greeting, Oh Umair. The people of paradise greet each other with peace.’ The Prophet (peace be upon him)  continued, ‘Why did you come, Oh Umair?’ Umair replied, ‘I came because of the prisoner which you have (i.e. his son); treat him well.’ The Prophet asked, ‘What about the sword around your neck?’ He replied, ‘May Allah curse this sword. Has it helped me at all!?’ The Prophet said, ‘Tell me the truth. Why have you come?’ He said, ‘I only came for this reason.’ Consequently, the Prophet told him what had happened between him and Safwan ibn Omaiyah in their meeting at Al-Hijr. As a result, Umair said, ‘I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah! Oh Messenger of Allah, I used to deny what you brought us from the heavens and the revelation you received. There was no one at this meeting but Safwan and myself. By Allah, I realize that no one but Allah revealed this to you. Praise be to Allah who guided me to Islam, and has enabled me to see the right path, and made me bear witness to this testimony of truth.’ The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to those present, ‘Teach the religion to your brother, recite Quran to him, and free his captive’> [At-Tabarany]. Therefore, the Companions followed the Prophet’s order, and after this Umair returned to Mecca and started to call others to Islam there. As a result, many people entered Islam [The Prophet’s Biography by Ibn Hesham].