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The Miracles of Prophet Muhammad during his lifetime

The Miracles of Prophet Muhammad during his lifetime

The victory of Rome over the Persians is one of the proofs of Prophet Muhammed’s prophethood

[At the time the Quran told us this prophecy, the likehood of this prophecy actually taking place was very small indeed as the first ten years of Heraclius’s government indicated that the Roman Empire was about to fall] Edward Gibbon English historian

1-Prophet Muhammed’s prophecy of a strong wind in Tabuk

Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), when he and his Companions left for Tabuk, prophesized a strong wind, saying, There will be a strong wind tonight; none of you should stand up in it and whoever has a camel, let him tie it up tightly related by Al-Bukhari and Muslim The narrator of the hadith, Abu Homaid (may Allah be pleased with him), said, “The strong wind came, and one man stood up; the wind carried him and threw him down between the two mountains of Tayy.” Who informed the Prophet (peace be upon him) about this strong wind at a time people did not have the ability to forecast the weather and the movement of the wind?! It is Allah, for Whom no unseen matter is beyond His knowledge.

2-Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) prophesized the defeat of the Persians and the victory of the Romans

Prophet Muhammed prophesized the defeat of the Persians and the victory of the Romans at a time the Persians had almost removed the Roman Empire from the map of the world. This was because the soldiers of Khosrau II had reached the Nile valley, and they had taken over large areas of the Roman Territory, In the midst of these events—and contrary to all that was expected—Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) announced that Rome would be triumphant over the Persians in a small number of years, that is, less than nine years. Allah (Glorified is He) revealed to him the following ayahs [verses], Alif Lam Meem. The Romans have been defeated, in the neighbouring land; but after their defeat they will themselves be victorious, in a few years (less than ten). The affair is Allah´s from the beginning to the end. On that day the believers will rejoice, in Allah’s help. He grants victory to whoever He wills. He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful Surah Al-Rum: 1-5 And what Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) had prophesized actually happened, as in 623 C.E. the Romans continued their march until they reached the banks of the Tigris within the borders of the Persian state. The Persians were forced to ask for a reconciliation with the Romans after the Persians were defeated in the Battle of Nineveh. Who informed Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) about this great prophecy?! It was revelation from Allah, and it is proof of Prophet Muhammed’s messengership and prophethood, may peace and prayers be upon him.

3-Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) informing the Companions about the letter Hatib ibn Abi Balta’ah sent to Quraish

One of the unseen matters that Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was news of the letter of Hatib ibn Abi Balta’ah (may Allah be pleased with him) which this Companion gave to a lady to give to Quraish. In the letter, he told Quraish about Prophet Muhammed’s intention to attack Mecca. When Allah revealed this to Prophet Muhammed, Prophet Muhammed sent for Zubair and Al-Miqdad ibn Al-Aswad. He (peace be upon him) said, Travel until you reach the meadow of Khakh--a place between Mecca and Medina—where you will find one of ladies of the polytheists who has a letter from Hatib ibn Abi Balta’ah to the polytheists. Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “We reached her when she was travelling on her camel at the place Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) told us. We said to her, ‘[We want] the letter.’ She replied, ‘I do not have a letter.’ We forced her to get off her camel and then we searched her, but we did not find the letter. We said, “Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) has not lied. You will hand us the letter or we will take off your clothes.’ When she saw that they were serious, she took out the letter from her wrap which was tied tightly around her waist. She had the letter just as Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) had said she had” related by Al-Bukhari Who told Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) about this lady, stating exactly where she was, and that she was carrying a letter warning the polytheists, and who gave her this letter to bring to them…. although the one who had sent the letter (Hatib) had kept the fact that he had sent the lady with this letter a complete secret?! It is Allah, from Whom nothing at all on the earth or in the heavens is hidden.

4-Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) explains to Abu Hurayrah that Satan was in the shape of a man

An example of his (peace be upon him) news about unseen matters include him explaining to Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that Satan had taken the shape of a man, and him telling Abu Hurayrah that he would come another time. A satan came in the form of a man to steal from the food that was going to be distributed as zakat, so Abu Hurayrah took hold of him, but he let him go when the satan complained that he was poor and without subsistence. When Abu Hurayrah told the Prophet (peace be upon him) what had happened, the Prophet (peace be upon him) told him ’He has lied, and he will return.’ Abu Hurayrah said, ‘So I knew he would return as the Prophet (peace be upon him) had said, “He will return.”’ The man returned, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said he would, and Abu Hurayrah let him go a second time. The Prophet (peace be upon him) told him that the man would come a third time, and what the Prophet had said happened. When Abu Hurayrah went to the Prophet (peace be upon him) after this third visit, the Prophet (peace be upon him) told him, ‘Do you know who you spoke to the last three nights, Oh Abu Hurayrah?’ Abu Hurayrah replied, ‘No.’ The Prophet (peace be upon him) told him, ‘It was Satan’ related by Al-Bukhari