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The Battle of Doumat Al-Jundal (5A.H)The Muslims extend their influence to the borders of Ash-Sham

The Battle of Doumat Al-Jundal (5A.H)The Muslims extend their influence to the borders of Ash-Sham

When and where was the battle of Doumat Al-Jundal?

This battle took place in the month of Rabi’a Al-Awwal in 5 A.H. It occurred at a location near the edge of Ash-Sham called Doumat Al-Jundal, called after its strong fortification. It was fifteen nights travel from Medinah.

Who was the leader in the Battle of Doumat Al-Jundal?

P was the leader in this battle. He left Medinah leading 1000 Companions to confront the tribe of Qada’a.

Reasons for the Battle of Doumat Al-Jundal

P wanted to stop the raids which one of the tribes used to make against the caravans on the borders of Ash-Sham. The intention was to stop them harming the Muslim caravans. The aim was also to extend the influence of the Muslims and their new nation, and call people far from Medinah to towheed (belief in the Oneness of Allah).

Events of the Battle of Doumat Al-Jundal

After staying six months in Medinah after the minor Battle of Badr, news reached P that the tribes around Doumat Al-Jundal were attacking caravans there, and plundering the goods they were carrying. These tribes were within the borders of Al-Ghassassinah tribes, who were allies of the Byzantine Romans. P also learned that they had mobilized a large army to attack Medinah.

Therefore, P left Siba’a ibn Arfatah Al-Ghifari to run the affairs in Medinah, and left with a large group of his companions. He took a man called Mathkur from Banu ‘Uthra as a guide on their journey.

P left, travelling at night and hiding during the day, until they suddenly surprised the enemy. They attacked their cattle and shepherds. Some of them he managed to hit/capture??, and others fled.

As for the people of Doumat Al-Jundal, they also fled in all directions. Therefore, when the Muslims reached their lands, they did not find anyone. P stayed there some days and sent out patrols and platoons from the army, but none of them were injured/to look for the enemy, but they did not find anyone??. Then they returned to Medinah. On the journey during this battle, P entered into a peace trearty with ‘Uyainah ibn Hisn. ‘Uyainah was a man of prestige and influence, and whenever he became angry, he would summon 1000 fighters. But later he embraced Islam, but returned/left it after that/and left the religion of his tribe???

Consequences of the Battle of Doumat Al-Jundal

The fighters among the disbelievers of the tribe of Qada’a fled, and ‘Uyainah ibn Hisn embraced Islam

Lessons we learn from the Battle of Doumat Al-Jundal

P took the initiative to overcome prestige and influence of the enemies. He left to meet them, covering 15 nights in the journey from Medinah, in order to nip their evil in the bud. Moreover, P was able to spread the call to the borders of Ash-Sham, and also move with his forces to/train his forces to travel??s far and remote areas which they had not travelled to before. It was the first Islamic conquest in  Asia/ It led to the first Islamic conquests in Asia and?? other places.