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Khadijah: The first person to accept Islam in 1 BH

Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) embraces Islam

Khadijah was the first one the Prophet (peace be upon him) called to Allah (Glorified is He), and as a result she entered Islam. The hadith that relates how revelation started to come to the Prophet (peace be upon him) indicates that she was the first one who knew about her husband’s prophethood and that revelation had started to come down to the earth. Consequently, she believed in the Prophet (peace be upon him), helped him and made matters easy for him. How could this be otherwise when she was his wife and companion who testified to his upright manners and noble birth; she knew that he was truthful, trustworthy and helpful. She said, «By Allah, Allah will never humiliate you; you keep good relations with your relatives, assume others’ responsibilities by spending on the weak, orphans and the needy if they are unable to look after themselves, do more good than anyone else, are hospitable to your guests and help those afflicted by calamities» [related by Al-Bukhari and Muslim].