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The second migration to Abyssinia in 6 BH

The second immigration to Abyssinia

The Muslims continued to suffer more and more difficulties and abuse in Mecca, and as a result a large number of them prepared themselves to partake in the second immigration to Abyssinia. Quraysh tried to stop this immigration too, as they feared the Islamic call might spead outside Mecca. However, the Muslims left quickly so the polytheists of Mecca were not able to catch them. Allah (Glorified is He) made the trip easy for the Muslims and they entered the protection of An-Najashi, king of Abyssinia.

There were eighty men who immigrated this time, as mentioned in the hadith of Ibn Masoud (may Allah be pleased with him), in which he said, «The Prophet (peace be upon him) sent us to An-Najashi. We were eighty at the time, including Abdullah ibn Masoud, Jafar, Abdullah ibn Urfutah, Uthman ibn Mazun and Abu Mosa. And they all reached An-Najashi» [related by Ahmed].