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Quraishi's plot to kill Prophet Muhammad in 13 BH

The Quraysh Plot to Kill the Prophet Muhammad in 13 BH

The call started to be dangerous for Quraysh, even its masters and nobles, as it threatened their interests, their prestige and their social position among the Arabs.

They saw that all the Companions had left for Medinah, and understood that this city would be a fort and protection for the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Companions. They also realized that if the Prophet reached there, the city would become a centre for the call from where Islam would spread throughout the Arabian Penninsula. If this happened, the situation would no longer be under their hands and control.

The Muslims faced many different types of difficulties, each according to their different circumstances and conditions. They faced all of this with patience. They left the trials of harm and persecution they used to experience to face the difficulties of leaving their homeland and money. But this immigration had to be in order for the Islamic call to rid itself of being harmed and mocked, and to help establish a new community in a safe place from where they could spread the call throughout the world. For these reasons, immigration from the land which fought Islam to the land where Islam could flourish became obligatory. Allah (Glorified is He) refers to this, saying, {Indeed, those whom the angels take away while they are wronging themselves, they ask, ‘What state were you in?’ They reply, ‘We were oppressed in the land.’ They say, ‘Was not Allah’s earth vast enough so that you might migrate in it?’ The refuge of such shall be hell, and it is an evil destination. Except those who are truly oppressed among men, women and children, and have neither access to any means nor are guided to any way} [Surah An-Nisa’: 97, 98] [adapted from The Sealed Nectar].

In this way, they would leave their condition in which they suffered psychological and physical harm, with the disbelievers even planning to kill the leader of the call, the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself, to the extent that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was scared to leave to Medina; the Prophet remained in Mecca, waiting for Allah’s permission to immigrate.

The disbelievers gathered in Dar An-Nadwa to discuss what to do with the Prophet. Iblis was present with them in the form of an old sheikh from the tribe of Najd. Everyone gave their views, but every time Iblis rejected the views and was not happy with their ideas. This continued until Abu Jahl said, “I think we should choose one strong youth from every tribe of Quraysh, and give each one of them a strong sword for them all to hit him (the Prophet) at one time, all together, as one man. In such a way, all the tribes will participate in the murder.”

To this, the sheikh from An-Najd said, “This, and only this, is the correct view; all the other ideas are not suitable.” So they parted after all of them agreed on this plan.