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Prophet Muhamme (peace be upon him) stopped at Qubah

Prophet Muhamme (peace be upon him) stopped at Qubah

When Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) arrived at Quba (south of Medinah), the Muslims were eagerly looking for him, men, women and their children, all waiting for him. They had heard he had left Mecca, and every day they were waiting, going out to see if he had arrived and returning when the heat of midday was at its strongest.

One day, they returned after going out to look for him. They had just returned to their homes when a Jew who had climbed up a high place to look for Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), announced that he saw Prophet Muhammed and his Companion wearing white clothes. The Jew could not stop himself from calling out in a loud voice, “Oh Arabs, there is your elder leader who you were waiting for.”

Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) reached Quba on Monday, 8th Rabia Al-Owla, in the 13th year of the call [A Mercy to the Worlds].

The people of Quba went out to greet Prophet Muhammed, as they were happy that he had come to them. They gave him a warm welcome that suited his status as a Prophet. They surrounded him, and tranquility covered Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

Allah (Glory be to Him) blest Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) and the believers with this blessed immigration, which was, and still is, a light that shone in the history of Islam. Allah’s ability and arrangement of events was clear in this trip, and also Prophet Muhammed’s determination, planning and perseverance. If there was only this blessed event (the trip to Medinah) and the miracles that happened during it, it would have been enough proof that he is a Messenger of Allah.