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The Prophet 's care being transferred to Abdul-Muttalib when he was 6 years old

In the custody of his grandfather

Prophet Muhammed’s grandfather (Abdul-Muttalib) returned to Mecca with Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). The feelings of compassion Abdul-Muttalib had for his orphaned grandson grew and increased more day by day. His compassion and affection towards the young boy resulted in him being more loving to Prophet Muhammed than to his own children. In fact, he gave him preference over his children.

Ibn Hesham said, “Abdul-Muttalib used to place a mattress down in the shade of the Kaaba. His sons used to sit around the mattress until Abdul-Muttalib came out to it; no one of his sons used to sit on the bedding itself, out of respect for their father. When Prophet Muhammed was a strong, young boy, he used to come to sit on the mattress, so his uncles would move him off it. Whenever Abdul-Muttalib saw his sons do this, he would said, ‘Leave my son there, as by Allah, he is special.’ Then he would sit with him on the mattress, wipe his back and allow him to do anything he wanted.”