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Al-Fijar battle

Al-Fijar battle

When Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was fifteen (some reports say twenty), there was a battle during the Okaz fair between Quraysh (with Kanana) and Hawazin. The battle was called Al-Fijar battle.

The reason for the battle was that one of the tribes of Bani Kanana called Al-Barrad caught three men from Qays Ailan. This news reached Okaz which made the two sides annoyed. The leader of both Quraysh and Kanana was Harb ibn Omayah, as he was one of their elders and the most respected one in the tribe.

At the beginning of the day, victory leaned towards Qays over Kanana, but by the middle of the day, Qays was surrounded. Then some of Quraysh called for peace. They said the tribes had to add the number of the dead on the two sides, and the side who had more dead men would take more blood money. They agreed with this and so stopped the battle, and the enmity and bad feelings between them disappeared.

This conflict was called the Fijar battle as it was carried out during a sacred month in which fighting was not allowed. Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) was present in this battle; he (peace be upon him) used to collect and prepare the arrows that were thrown during the encounter.